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  • WSCS 2015: The Power of Gene Editing: Implications for the Future of Medicine

    As Industry And Academic Researchers Move Forward In Their Quest To Enhance Their Understanding Of Human Development And Diseases, Discover Novel Therapeutic Compounds And Develop Improved Tests For Toxicity, So Does The Demand To Move Toward A More ...

    2366 views 11 months ago
  • WSCS 2015: Leading Nations: Development Strategies For Regenerative Medicine

    This Panel Of Global Leaders In The Regenerative Medicine Field From China, The Uk, Israel, Canada, And Switzerland Will Share Their Insights On The Strategies That Have Been Most Successful For Advancing The Field To Date, And On The Strategies That...

    2194 views 11 months ago
  • WSCS 2015: Restoring Vision - Discoveries And Clinical Trials

    This session will provide an overview of current efforts to apply stem cells toward the treatment of retinal degenerative disease using stem cell derived retinal pigment epithelium. Participants will address a number of key areas. I) strategies for t...

    2292 views 11 months ago
  • WSCS 2015: How Advanced Blood & Tissue Banks Are Engendering Growth In Regenerative Medicine

    This Session Will Focus On Some Of The Ways Advanced Blood And Tissue Banks Are Helping In The Translation Of Biomedical Advances Into Clinically Useful Tools. From Access To Biological Materials To Manufacturing Capabilities To Regulatory Compliance...

    2331 views 11 months ago
  • WSCS 2015: Poster Winners Announcement & Special Presentation

    2015 World Stem Cell Summit Poster Winners. special Presentation: Stem Cells Translational Medicine Young Investigator Awards: Kamil Kranc, Md, Phd, University Of Edinburgh And Dustin R. Wakeman, Phd, Rush University Medical Center.

    4092 views 12 months ago
  • Tiger Woods - Ultra Slow Motion Analysis

    This golf slow motion video contains Tiger's top golf shots he has hit in his career. Hooks, shanks, fat shots and more.

    5404 views 3 years ago
  • Cancer stem cell concept to target cancer

    Cancer stems cells have been identified in some forms of disease- the next step is figuring how to target them for destruction. A new strategy is to identify cancer stem cells and target them directly. The hope is if they are destroyed, the cancer wi...

    5357 views 3 years ago
  • How stem cells work and develop

    A stem cell is essentially the building block of the human body. The earliest stem cells in the human body are those found in the human embryo. The stem cells inside an embryo will eventually give rise to every cell, tissue and organ in the fetus's b...

    5208 views 3 years ago
  • How Immune System Works

    Our bodies are a battleground--constantly fighting off infection and disease. When something dies, its immune system (along with everything else) shuts down. In a matter of hours, the body is invaded by all sorts of bacteria, microbes, parasites... N...

    5903 views 3 years ago
  • Extending Moore's Law

    Intel’s former chief architect Bob Colwell: Moore’s law will be dead within a decade.

    6174 views 3 years ago

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