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Stem Cell Action Awards Introduction - WSCS 2015

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Stem Cell Action Awards Introduction - WSCS 2015

Stem Cell Action Awards Introduction.

Video Transcript

As you most of you know I'm Bernie Siegel executive her of the genetics Policy Institute and regenerative medicine foundation welcome to the 11th annual stem cell action awards the only awards in recognition of this type of people that are leading the way in the life sciences it's moved well beyond stem cells this inhabit our biotechnology life sciences regenerative medicine all of these impactful advanced therapies there is going to change the way medicine is delivered in the 21st century.

First would you please give a hand Madeleine task when are wonderful entertainment that you've been hearing during the summit lowry thank you so much the genetics Policy Institute of regenerative medicine foundation have recently emerged but not totally re branded yet we're all too engaged planning the world stem cell summit but this merger of two 501 C three non-profit organizations we hope will spark tremendous interest in the field of regenerative medicine are combined activities mixing the humanities and science to bring about public awareness or communications platforms are public policy platforms and of course the wonderful summit that is a combination of the reg Med conference.

Dr. Allah started with four years ago five years ago with the regenerative medicine foundation in the world stem cell summit that started in 2005 by my organization genetics Policy Institute and also the second year of the regiment capital conference we hope this unifying conference this interdisciplinary meeting that brings all the stakeholders together is serving its purpose and I hope all of you are enjoying yourself in this first day awards and recognition for 11 years and their number of people in the room that have received this before and I want to recognize some of them that are in the room and by calling out the names of their organizations and individuals that have received this recognition and I was thinking of some poetic way to describe these individuals and actually I just finished Walter Isaac son's great book Steve Jobs that such an interesting book and rather than find something from Shakespeare there was a town home famous advertisement.

I thought it described many of these people and you might remember here's to the crazy ones the Misfits the rebels the troublemakers the round pegs in the square holes the ones who see things differently they're not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status you can quote them disagree with them glorify them or vilify them about the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they change things they push the human race forward and while some may see them as the crazy ones we see genius because the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones that can do so the recognition they were giving tonight described some of these people not necessarily miss it's not necessarily crazy people the people to do change the world I want to recognize some of the past folks in organizations that we've recognized our friend Joe Riggs the founder of the Student Society for stem cell research an original member you can stand up but let's hold the applause OK so you want to get through the week well.

I want you to know Joe was a member original member of the stem cell ActionNetwork a group of Advocates that met online and 2003 2002 and 2003 I was blessed to be one Don Reed and others Joe started the Student Society of stem cell research with one student himself at the University of South Florida It's had as many as 30 chapters around the world he's done this all in his spare time as he got his master's degree in bio informatics his PhD and stem cells after Jimmy Virginia Common wealth University and now I suppose dock at Harvard university just an amazing individual Don Reed an author now it wasn't enough with everything that he's done also a member of the original stem cell Action Network that used to go to each others houses and sleep on sofas and talk about stem cells and try to unify the world and be avoided for this field to move forward on is here Bob Klein who with his tremendous leadership.

I'll call him up in an in a minute of course with props 71 the Nebraska coalition Victoria out and Dr. Crowds so here they have been fighting for stem cell research fighting for the freedom of scientific research in Nebraska Deano lad with Missouri cures a wonderful organization that also has a constitutional amendment protecting research Mary Anne Liberty her or organization wonderful publisher jane wolf and others are here for Mary Ann Liberty the Japanese society of regenerative medicine as we've gone international tremendous a second largest society in the world related to stem cells and regenerative medicine second only to the International Society of stem cell research Paul Knopfler the blogger someone that's bringing science to human turns.

The NewYork stem cell nation and Susan Solomon and her wonderful team that's represented as aco-organizer this year the Huntingdon's disease grass roots community with Francis that year and that wonderful community inspires a mosque in foundation that is given so generously to the genetics Policy Institute and Tim show in his organization and Foundation Texans for stem cell research endorse read this year Roman read who helped found the Alabama Institute of Medicine all of these individuals that if I missed in if any of you I'm so sorry have changed the world.

I sure you let's give them a round of applause also changing the world is the wonderful team the wonderful team of the genetics Policy Institute of regenerative medicine foundation that have come together to produce this meeting we r far-flung group with four convenient locations actually Palm Beach Florida Menlo Park Washington DC and soon in winston-salem that's pretty good we Jerry friends is here are CEO and I want to recognize our board members that are here temp showed Steve Davis CountyHerald Pete Ludwig Anthony Ayala all the terms so long and hard and giving me guidance and hopefully moving to success but one particular person that I have to call up.

I could talk about Alan Hernandez and I could say that he is warning chill a son of American diplomat I could say that he was raised in Europe and the fact that he went to some of the finest boarding schools in the world in Switzerland and Princedom and thrown out of every one of them which is supposed to being true I could say that I've dealt for nine years where he drank Appeal Court of Peet's Coffee every morning and then start speaking tome on Skype and now this man has a ball of all he is he you know we're no longer look like you know we're separated at birth Allen drinks tea now and is channelling John Lennon let me introduce my colleague an associate director Alan Hernandez and as thank you Alan come on up just have to do this you understand folks I will let you eat soon very soon.

I just want you to know that alan is the most dedicated advocate truly passionate he never gives me a day of rest and is a dear dear friend and he is a friend of every person in this room thank you don't come as my medicine community comes to mind that we have to be more of a community and music comes to mind because we had to play more like a symphony and will be playing like a symphony when we sound like a symphony this field work were like a symphony will be a little out of tune that we'real l working on and we're committed to being in tune I love stem cells I love to humans and I love giving thought to people that are clearly across the world that are completely underprivileged then there are support so it's not all about the community in this room but it's a global community and when I think of the world community it's not community that like something out there community doesn't exist out there patient advocacy doesn't exist out there industry doesn't exist out there that's all within you communities within you and one thing Gregg Simon said when he used to be the only patient advocacy adviser and then fled faster cures and anyway one quote that he said that got a room standing in New York stem cell foundation event by the way.

He said advocacy is a participatory sport and that's a good way to look at it and being unsatisfied herbal is another good way to look at in my opinion because until.

We can have people not suffering until we can alleviate human suffering until, we move like with the idea that no human should suffer and we take it up a notch how we coordinate build community collaborate as a voice of one with music and art being blended in that's my plant hat's why I'm mad is here and then you'll see generative art for my friend cloudy of and I think you'll enjoy that but anyway there's a blend going on here model a big blend and I encourage you to be uncomfortable meet other people extend your hand meet people that you haven't met before and take it down a not right so you are a way better my dear friend line among st the many accomplishments started a 501 C three non-profit organization Americans for cures foundation been proud to be aligned with that organization that worked with me.

The united nations where we save stem cell research by a single vote from being closed down by world treaty it was an interesting journey I've known Bob for years of course as the main proponent of the individual the engine of sheer energy that created prop 71 I consider him the most formidable advocate for field in the history of this field is written we realize the State of California's six billion dollar investment is the greatest engine for stem cell research so far in the history of man and it's focused research to advance this field this was part of the genius of bob in creating this the Americans pro-choice foundation is our sponsor of this evening's event and i wanna call about to give a short presentation to you now love you cheat thinkers obviously.

I love burning and his global leadership thank you Bernie let's give a hand for burning as he thanked everyone else that together force a force multiplier much greater than any individual institution any individual state in the individual advocate or scientists would like to show you california's very quickly before and after institutional ecosystem its star clusters of half of its Institute institutional groups that are collaborating with 14 countries around the world States tremendous organizations like the New York's stem cell foundation and the NIH Clinical Hospital because it's my hope that while these are very richro bust collaborations that your organization's your state's your institutions will in fact enter into those partnerships leverage your funds.

The extent we leveraged funds will move science to therapies for patients faster safer and more effectively so with that let me just show you before and after in California and hope they do you see the collaborative benefits that are potential there for us to as a force multiplier to work together on a global basis for the benefit of patients who are all of our mission think you should we see first slides so this is a slide of the Sandy Hookinsertion which is its UC San Diego at sanford-burnhamget scripts it's and it is salt institute and Logia Institute and this is the structure and stem cell research before proposition 71 if you go to the next slide please so this is after Proposition 71 in those boring Spears on the outside our collaborations with countries where we're multiplying.

The benefit of the very best people in those countries funded by those countries levering author of the research in California on join applications going through peer review and through our board in addition as we walk through a point out institutional collaborations across the country can we go to the next line so that UCLA before and we see the UCLA after to the next line so at the top of that you'll see University Massachusetts you see Harvard they are not formal partners.

I hope they would be the state of Maryland for example is a former partner but in partnering up where we bring the best of the world together with the institutional frame work and infrastructure we built with only three hundred million dollars of California's funds but 1.5 billion at this point of donor and owner institutional money that was matching funds there is a huge infrastructure that can serve all of your gold all of your visions of the future of stem cell therapy and JonathanThomas is sitting down here at the table with me Jonathan is succeeded me as the chairman of the state funding agency.

I want to point out that just to the left below the centre is a collaboration with the Yale his alma mater let's go to the next slide please I this is Stanford before and the next line and this is Stanford after and the pin wheel at the top in this particular diagram is our group of spin off companies that are being developed so let's not put our limits thinking that this is these are star clusters that are relationships and leverage just with a non-profit institutions and public institutions.

It also includes under the California initiative the ability to find clinical trials developmental work for for-profit companies as well who need to be integrated and leverage their resources as they try to drive through phase1 and phase2 trials where larger companies large biotech entities may move in for further funding and let's go to the next when glad stone before next when glad stone after wards next line this is you see yourself before and the next slide after that you used to eat UC San Francisco after wards next slide is a UC Davis.

I want to tell you this be a great secret of California that tremendous talent is always been available through the entire UC system by UC Davis is not known as well globally as some other UT systems and they had to focus just on liver and this is their departments that are in this slide let's go to the next slide you can see the potential being realized here of tremendous talent so the point here is that we have huge infrastructure this is just half of ours are star clusters in California and it doesn't include our private sector except to the extent that they're shown in the diagrams is working.

Janelle makes a group that notably includes in addition to the UC San Diego and including Stanford University includes UC Santa Cruz which most people don't know is the institution that published the human genome on the web for ever in the public sphere and protected that work but so genomic is being integrated in with stem cell research but we need all of your help because to get to our goal in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary South rain unnecessary deaths from chronic disease it's going to take the maximum optimization of our funds between us and I am quote Robert frost we have promises to go and miles to go before we sleep but together we will go as one and win for patients globally thank you.

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