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WSCS 2015: Advocacy Keynote and Town Hall Meeting

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WSCS 2015: Advocacy Keynote and Town Hall Meeting

Advocacy Keynote and Town Hall Meeting.

Video Transcript


Bernard F. Siegel, Jd, Genetics Policy Institute

Hi everyone welcome to the last of the 11th annual World status all some encouragement capital conference so because some people might only see this one video to my name is Bernie Siegel executive director of genetics Policy Institute and the regenerative medicine foundation and you know as the chairman of the event and the founder of the event and putting it at a million pieces together for a million notes to the symphony you always worry that there's that one sour note that everyone's going to remember and the one item.

I rarely prepare my closing little advocacy keno because I lose my notes anyway and at this stage of the event this is Ben for the genetics Policy Institute in reg Med team just a great experience and coming to Atlanta has been very open and welcome to us and it's been a real pleasure to work with such amazing academic and non-profit partners issue are colored according to organizing institutions which of course is MayoClinic and Kyoto University Institute of integrated some material sciences the New York stem cell foundation wait for since to regenerative medicine.

The bioBridge global again the phenomenal blood and tissue bank that's in there generative medicine space and Georgia center for regenerative engineering in medicine Emory-Georgia Tech the University of Georgia in this meeting could not have gone on without it of course I'll call out my friend and call you up in a few minutes Allen the fight dog will have to storm the stage to remind me if I start to hallucinate but Allen Hernandez of the GPI team if you could give him a round of business without heart hurts while associate director is just meeting with not Beadle to take place.

So I appreciate Allen so much I wanted to let you know that this is after my short remarks that this is an open forum and whether you're from industry advocacy or anyone that's attended the meeting are welcome to come to the mic and provide some comments about the summit your experience what your hopes and dreams and goals are for the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine the only thing I don't want you to complain about anything that I did wrong or were you didn't like some wonderful amenities' year which we really were treated very well at the Wyatt Regency Atlanta just you can put that on your yelp review of the meeting.

I wanted to actually mention a book this is as you know my stock in trade before I became a full-time stem cell advocate thirteen years ago was I was a trial lawyer and Miami Florida for many years have my own firm and I like to say I found a higher calling than suing people but as a non-academic I wrote many legal briefs I gave many continuing legal education talks but one day my dear colleague Alan fern and is suggested to Wile E one of our wonderful publishers you know Bernie would basally good to write a book chapter so silly me I said sure.

I would bring in a colleague with a more academic bent which of course is far dear friend AlanGiacomoof the legal advisory board of our institute and also an adjunct professor of law and regulation and FDA at Hofstra University in a partner in Sidney Austin law firm so who loves to write so silly me I said well not this out in a couple of weeks well a lot further tests says he knows this principal editor of this volume is we just received our copies this week knows this is a two-year process and creating and I've read more drafts of a chapter than I ever cared too but Allen and I put together a chapter called the role of patient advocacy and clinical translation of regenerative medicine and in this chapter we tried to trace first of all in the history of patient advocacy it to see where and how patients and advocates have moved the needle and penne with broad strokes the greatest single clinical trial.

I think the world was that of polio vaccine and we're actually feels cells were used and millions and millions and millions of parents of American children volunteered their children for this clinical trial and as a result we have eradicated polio and that was done through the agitation of parents that were fearful of their children suffering from this affliction by my wife's family doesn't show cousin judy in New York at a time in an iron lung so impacted many of the children or the fear of this and the baby boom generation of which I remember well that was with the March of Dimes.

When we wish to go to school and first grade we have this little folder and every week we put a dying in the folder and send it was picked up and sent it was a giant change in the way research was funded and it moved the needle in a way the public was involved in a giant way in the book Emperor of all maladies there's a tremendous chapter about Mary Lasker who basically says she hated chronic diseases such as asthma as much as she hated sin and talked about how she took something that was dead as a doornailthe Cancer Society of academics and transformed it into the American CancerSociety and billions and billions of dollars in funding of research has moved the Deedle an incredible way and using her public relations background and that of her husband that was selling things like Lucky Strike cigarettes in and so and used Madison avenue in a way to make patient advocacy part of the public discourse and then of course.

There was the AIDS HIV movement and the fact that a population of gay men were the front lines of a world health disaster and how the oldest system of the way we regulate drugs and get drugs into the human population these activists moved the needle on this and then there's the breast cancer movement like the Women Foundation where women's help was underfunded and now we all wear pink ribbons well why it's because these is a social movement has taken the forefront and in women's health issues have moved the needle.

So when you look at these examples actually the advocates for stem cell research and regenerative medicine have also played an enormous role in this field advancing as it has and when you think about Prop 71 and we heard some wonderful presentation by Bob Klein and Americans producers foundation who is the engine behind when the principal engines of course behind the California Institute of regenerative medicine that is a game changer with three to six billion dollars going into an amazing impact on the institutions in California moving this field for what that was a parent of a child with diabetes that's what motivated him that's what motivated Susan Solomon at the new york.

Stem cell foundation who wasn't a scientist but was able to raise close two hundred and fifty million dollars in York stem cell foundation is doing so most cutting-edge research on the planet she has her own labs the New York stamp offense has its own laboratories engage with world-class scientists and funds research around the world this is an individual that did this it was the patient advocates to move the needle to protect stem cell research to advance the federal government's funding for embryonic stem cell research and defended research from being banned by world treaty in the united nations as CNT something.

I was involved with from the very beginning that we fax 35,000 fax letters to the United Nation sand saved sen tea from being banned by world treaty by a single vote and the legal committee and staged a conference for the united nations with leading scientists my organization played a prominent role in that so these things have moved the needle and advanced regenerative medicine but the things that motivated us to start the genetics Policy Institute of really appalled originally we were advocates Tripoli onyx stem cell research an area that we felt was threatened unreasonably by and under threat of being banned really promising form of research but we have evolved just as the field has evolved to embrace the entire field we want ethical research to take place but it's not enough to secure a massive diabetes if it's Donna take thirty years to get this into the human population because of issues related to regulation to problems in organizing clinical trials than not having global standards and add the deeper.

I got into it as an advocate as a former as a cancer survivor the chose to devote his life to stem cell advocacy and regenerative medicine is I feel it's the future of medicine with the goal to accelerate this when I look at when I look at this we must find a way to accelerate we can't wait thirty years to get this into the human population and it's my personal worldview that this is a five-alarm fire this is this isn't a joke this is in a dream this is something where people are dying that people are suffering of chronic disease all around the world and this is the time in history.

We have the convergence of technologies that a scientific revolution that would have taken centuries for decades is just accelerating almost beyond human comprehension or Alvin offer would say future shock and that great book so inspired me that I read in college so this is where we're in the Arabs shoot future shock we have all human knowledge and R&;R smart phone that we have this convergence of technologies if you went on the exhibit floor the summit you saw all these amazing tools and devices and nanotechnology and services and trying to move this forward with these tools and this sense of collaboration.

It's a major thing so at the cornerstone of this advocacy organization which is now combined organization we want to create public appreciation for this field business Lincoln said with public appreciate with public appreciation you can do anything without it nothing can be done and I would submit to you that it is the public and the store it patients that are the underpinning and the driving force of the societal change with these innovations in to be brought to the human population that's happening now in many respects and much of the work that's done by our organization is to facilitate this in the book that I'm holding up.

I hope you all by it especially because a lot of cases here and work so hard that they added which is titled stem cells and regenerative medicine science regulation and business strategies the chapter that we wrote was the role of patient advocacy in clinical transnational translation progenitor medicine and there are aspects of advocacy that we pointed out that the advocacy tools of agitation legislation dealing with regulations and guidelines policy-making litigation collaboration education innovation political campaigning and fund raising each of these tools when you think about the organizations that I discussed use these tools in different ways as did the proponents of stem cells and regenerative medicine to change the way this is regulated and change the way that this is funded around the world.

So what we do at the combined genetics Policy Institute of regenerative medicine foundation we've combined the strong points the projects of two organizations with similar goals that wants to accelerate this field as quickly as possible understanding it's a five-alarm fire so what can we do with the skill sets that we have to facilitate the field and this has been a journey for thirteen years for my organization I think the regenerative medicine foundation founded by Dr.

Tony Allah both of them what they call a501 C three a charitable organization a nonprofit organization we share the same goals are met with about five years old and when I think of the projects I think of them in three areas there is the public awareness public education and appreciation projects there are public policy projects and community and conference projects community building projects so related to public awareness public education appreciation of course we as a21st century organization heavily involved in digital media social media organization.

I added a newsletter called the 360 stems on reg Med newsletter and I don't come to proclaim in the greatness to this newsletter other than the fact that it does have a following of about 25,000 online and through LinkedIn my own LinkedIn connections I have close to 7,300 LinkedIn connections we have like seven thousand followers on Twitter a robust Casebook page and we tried to take the weekly news as synthesized by yours truly having organized Kevin stem cell summit of things that resonate to an educated layperson that's important in the field whether it's not only just scientific breakthroughs are plenty of wonderful newsletters including those of our friends itself in that press they can cover the science much better.

I can but not necessarily pick up on the societal issues that captures the imagination of the public where it is important I think to advancing the entire field and we feel the scientific community must understand the context of the world that their ran very often scientists as you know we're just looking through the microscope and don't realize the cells that they're studying actually there's a person in the next room that really wants this research to be successful or maybe not even understand where the money comes from so that their research lab can work so besides our social media we speak've had the fortune of speaking all over the world related to patient advocacy and stem cells that many meetings.

I sure you when I spoke with before the German Academy of Sciences on this topic which is the Leopold Dina the longest-running scientific society and mankind's history of which Darwin and Einstein had been members they were turning over the grave that I spoke there but anyway as someone passionate about the science there's even room for someone like myself was just a lawyer news releases we work with the media.

We have extensive media contacts throughout the years from the time I did the cloning case ancient history to the present that we work with media to get the story out also one of the special things of the regenerative medicine foundation that they were bringing into are merged organization so art beautiful art that was commissioned with Kelly Lucas the keys to the cures which has been displayed in a museum that and the science of cells is portrayed in images when you think of the glorious photographic art from the Hubble SpaceTelescope now let's move that is same beauty of nature down to the cellular level it's absolutely amazing and this goes into the public classroom and captures the imagination of students and speaking of music as well my intrepid partner Alan Hernandez has brought music into this field whether it be through a concert for music at a conference.

We want to resonate with the things that people are passionate about we have been long-time supporters of the Student Society for stem cell research an independent student group that's been around for 11 years and you've heard me talk of Joe rig Susan the audience one of the original members of the stem cell Action Coalition one student a society of one at University of South Florida that is now had as many as 30 chapters were writing letters of recommendation for students for law school and for medical school cool and I wrote a letter of recommendation for judges to get into graduate school PhD programs in Virginia Commonwealth University and now.

He's PhD in stem cell research a post doc at Harvard when the great inspiration stories found so working with Tony a tireless reg Med foundation that he founded now merged there's a student council we're Donna work even closer with Joe to expand student chapters around the world on public policy we've worked very hard we've worked in the united nations and staged conference there we stay did it tape with Christopher reeve and played it to the united nations in the end the UN debate we've written letters to the wrote a letter and submission to the NIH on lifting the restrictions and federal funding it was very well received our group is spin records attended the WhiteHouse meeting on new organs this year we filed an amicus brief supporting the government position in the case of surely be civilians that was threatening to clamp down federal funding for stem cell research.

We are very proud that we created our own journal the world stem cell report which hold up to you all got a copy of this in your conference bag which a starting this year as a supplement to stem cells Transnational Medicine and one of the things that give us additional scientific gravitas is the fact that we are official journal partner of our combined genetics Policy Institute of regenerative medicine foundation is the very highly impact journal stem cells TranslationalMedicine at it but she found her is Anthony Ayala of course Dr At allah published by alphabet press who's led by hand he got our stem selection award and speaking of which yes I'll get to that in a second so we have the journal but also we have in stock astonishing Science Advisory Board and legal advisory board up often said with the Science Advisory Board that we have with the likes of Jean Loring and Evan Schneider and Doug Melton Andrew doctrine.

It should be in Willamette now in transit and other luminaries in the field right field or death ski and others that might be in the room this society advisory board has allowed our organization to kick the door open and deal with the highest levels of the federal government as evidenced by the fact that we had Dr Calif here doctor whitten here in the FDA panel so all of these things include books even haroldour director of public education wrote the best-selling book stem cell words published in 2005 now.

had a chance to write a book chapter for Wiley these types of things we feel buttress the world to public policy and benefit in away but finally if there's a core strength it's the community that we have helped build for thirteen years we've networked is an advocacy community and the secret of the summit people assume it's a science meeting that's a legal meeting regulatory economic development all the things that you've enjoyed the experience that's cor tin advocacy meeting this is coming about because we are patients I was a patient for all patients we all know we all will now one day even the scientists even the people in the industry so they don't realize that they are supporting at its core patients that are trying to accelerate the field.

think some of them get it but that's the real purpose and the strength of this meeting we found it something called the stem collection Coalition which is the largest coalition of profit organizations in laboratories around the world over a hundred that support this field that we are now moving the needle is not just about finding stem cell research but the cover regulation and all aspects we support all cells not just a single type of cell and 2016 this is Donna launches an even greater platform of influence there's nothing like this organization and when you look at a hundred logos 425logos leaving your voice starts to be heard and we're about to use that voice in a megaphone to move the needle on this field.

We have relationships with dozens and dozens of organization where on boards they are supporting us we support them in the scientific societies that support our organization including set and others we deeply appreciate and fight also the student the stem cell action awards we're the only organization the for eleven years has recognized the advocates the people that support the life sciences the individuals and organizations that impact this and I like to think that the surprise that you may have is that the end it's not giving the ward.

It's not receipt it's the power goes to the one giving the award not necessarily the one receiving the award the folks that received the award and honor the patient advocacy movement by just standing on the podium in receiving it and in turn it does seem powerless in a way but it's up after 13 years of doing this is now time to move to the next level is this field is accelerating so fast and finally it's the summit itself we are not just in the summit business for the conference business I could go into the conference business I certainly weren't enough about it but it's not about that the summit is designed as a platform in engine for those who participate the network to gain knowledge and I understand context and the feedback.

I got this year was the best ever we are trying to portray or field to the world we want to alleviate those that are scared of the acceleration of science at the same time we want to be a proponent for science to move ethically and safely for we want the FDA not only2% but to listen we want to make sure there are consumers and patients are treated safely and not taken in by height or hurt themselves as they move forward this is what this little tiny organization do I assure you we need help we really need help and those of you that are watching this we'rethinking that this is somehow magically created we are at tiny dedicated staff dedicated to do things this because we're passionate about it and we're Donna change the world and when they change it together so I want to thank all of you for attending the world stem cell summit in the reg Med capital conference.

I'm truly open to your suggestions of what we can do to improve this meeting so it is a better platform and we reach and extend our hands to you we're friends you help us we will help you implied UN as you need it is we are the ultimate Rolodex in this field 11 years of inviting people individually to speak on the summit platform and sending each email myself which is crazy but this is what it is my remarks anyone relationships so thank you those are myremarksanyone to the microphone now please you must be tired of hearing my voice you can go to the microphones a word all of us we want to thank you Bernie because you are unique.

If you will not hear somebody had to invent you never say never saw such a dedicated and focused influence men in my life who can promote the field more than the field even could think of and the same people can't believe that you're just a lawyer scientists you're right scientists but you're better scientists you know sounds better than many people around here and on behalf of all of us i part of your scientific community but for all of us want to thank you for the great way you thank you that's very kind and you lie yes I'm goggling the ads thank you I must say as I am often reminded that even a profit has to take out rubbish in his own house I sure you thank you for the kind of mark Francis.

I also want to thank you Bernie so much I gotta tell you before I met Bob client and yourself I felt like a mom screaming shouting crying out like chicken little the sky is falling the sky is falling and nobody's listening you know you get like a little visit with the doctor they give you a prescription sending out but there's no true real help and until I met Bob fine and yourself I felt like you know what these people are seriously Donna head cures in listening and they care and I'm so grateful to you for offering this platform to allow us as patient advocates to tell their stories and just to let people know about the suffering that her enduring and people who can actually do something about it so thank you so much thank you Francis.

can truly say and I and my career as an advocate had two key moments really tremendously three key moments I just have to share this with you please step up the microphone but let me just share three little stories so in the stem cell Action Network formed which is a handful of bad because we were even sleepy on each other's cultures around the country as we were passionate about this in 2000 and 2003 one of our friends with a pile of hello Franco Casals and New York and Joey you remember well we used to be on this conference calls and Frank suffered from a devastating disease I'm not I'm not sure I remember might be multiple sclerosis muscular dystrophy and I had not met him in person and I was a function where they were opening up are generative medicine center at Rutgers was invited up there and from a distance I saw frank's condition in a chair and so helpless at the time and I couldn't go up to even speak tone.

I got tears in my eyes because I had not seen Frank before for the first time it was really impacting me is I left my own silo issues and then the second thing the second thing was meeting Christopher reeves in this house and shooting a video for six months before he died and that of course the graciousness that kindness that he showed me to allow me to do that18 months into a crazy project that I hadn't been it meant more than anything but maybe the most imp thing was meeting Frances and some other families that suffer from Huntington's disease right before the2011 summit in Pasadena and I have not met a family with Huntington's disease and let me tell you something.

I learned about the family members that have passed away and the children that it passed away from this election I was shaken to my core in seeing this as in when I there's nothing bigger than a five-alarm fire but this one really this one really got to me so Frances was very inspiring to me as her friends and family and work to me on this is my voice before I don't have to identify myself but I remember last year and earlier with the FDA and the last day I remember the moment I want to talk as if is later I took off my bad last year and I just want to tell you I feel that last year by chance because I saw the stem cells damaged notification from my email and I saw this is a wonderful I would like to attend but I was colleges there so they look at the calendar for agenda commuters who ride but I feel this is a well-rounded I would like to see and like to go to attend an unlikely.

did and in the meantime oh so that was the first that needy I attended the optimal 10 years of high year does not attend any out of state because I wasn't reason up like two boys so I can I went there and I was so impressed contest comedian so I did not appreciate it and then after that attended a few more meat is this year I still want to see this one for the best mediums I have attended for the reasons that ground floor very well rounded and very well organized and you have to have dissipation are rented it from all angles so for me I benefit a tremendous amount because it from the point off as a regulator you have a global regulatory issue from a science you have that I used to be a geneticist so I was fascinated and London from science point of view and also learned how you organize I don't know .

How you do it but I see your orchestra is the biggest are you get the patient advocacy and the people suppose where I grew up reading China so I was a puzzle today how is work today and I see this model that's why can you tell you I want to live from you created this model I understand that looks like he's going everything so well but I understand its immense amount of forward behind and this also takes two weeks it's well and I was just another point is that want to miss this curtain is this not only as a symphony but also the UnitedNations and i really appreciate what you have done and you I am Legend I want to get there I can't think that now I want to tell you that only a lawyer heart this is it didn't go through the entire discussion is not FDA comment from the heart as the person who have contributed what you have accomplished in advance to stem cell research in therapeutics product.

Helping the patient will go down in history will record and then you'll be very much appreciated thank you very much now but those Danish you know this is an extraordinary meeting I didn't know what to expect when I came here so I was lucky enough to have the support from this is unique in that this is a first home into a meeting that was testers and a lot of commercial entity to it right is actually very low on national basic academic science just kind of refreshing so as a junior investigator as the people that are going to be the next people coming up trying to take over the Romans actually found it rather fascinating one thing that I've always noticed that I tell my students all the time is your not trying to rescue or HeLa cell in a dish you're not trying to heal an animal you're trying to help patients.

I do think it would be really interesting to try to reach out to more the junior investigators that are sort of certain to lead the way in the stem cell phone because there are a lot of really good ones out there because I think it's really important they see this is how you commercialize an actual therapy right you need the outside support of people so how do wearing those a junior investigators and what can we do better let me give you a list of really good people that you might suggest bringing tell them you've got a life people that like to invest in themselves until they might have a longer list of disclosures they might have later on in life so I would say just telling me this literally as a way to actually find people to help fund your research and bring this is what we're trying to do.

keep telling them thank you I really appreciate me thank you this be my first stem cell summit I hope it won't be my last after coming and quite often you come to a bunch of conferences you're not quite sure what to expect over-hyped the people that you hear about our over-hyped but all I can say that I think the reputation but the conference and of the people who helped organize it the team matches what I've heard it's been a pleasure to be here thank you for the invitation to also be part of the panel and I think the thing that really differentiates this conference number of other things that have been doing is not the fact that its multidisciplinary which is one of the differentiates is not the fact that there is a focus on just translation it is the human element.

Which is the underwriting the strongest point that comes out very clearly which is people want to make a difference eventually to patients and how do we do that as a group as a team as a joint force all pulling in the same direction and I think that's very powerful because it's not just about one element and when you have that as an overriding issue 4 12 by the words good things will happen so talked about doing stuff together and I look forward to it next year on behalf of your company foundation and personally to working with you all and making that change thank you so much appreciate the comments so much for first your role model for students and all we really appreciate the support that you've given me they vary some so very much you know burning had a long career history but started dpi later on in life right yes you know you can always follow your dreams too late and so with that I have much else elegant say thank you.

I don't pay Bernie is that to say good things about me actually helped sponsors get me to the Seven Summit raised me here and then says good things about me that you know one of the things out observing and I will talk that maybe this is a beast I don't know I invested in a company in this industry medicine space technology are become a Canada unhand it's actually a sore spot did this experience a night for five years you know voted for the industry with my hard-earned dollars so and then it was sold to a foreign country that's heartbreaking I strongly advocated for embryonic stem cell research for you know for over 10 years now and there see that this technology might go to a foreign country and I stay with reunited States of America bothers me as an avid to be honest you know.

We are there but they not that Wall Streets Donna start supporting the industry a lot more than it is and we were trying to get through a phase 1 phase 1 clinical trials and face too but we're going to have business I'd come and then and I'm like well works in this advocacy to corporations are two washes and I'm not well-versed in the universe but we always think businesses like you go you can navigate FDA to navigate to congress but business is not that's not a role for advocacy and now I know if that's the case or not but the role since all summer does bring wall street in front here together and maybe this is a place where we can even stop bubble hopefully thank you Joe that was Joe rick's Derrick's I'm open to 12 year veteran of the Parkinson's community had Parkinson's about forty years.

I've worked diligently and within that community but I want to say that this was an absolutely fantastic opportunity for me to see a bigger picture I recently became one of the ambassadors for American structures and it's its lifted the whole picture of what's going on her full not and it's its been a delight thank you so much thank you Adrian and this is my third right I'm coming to every one I am just so I come I learned so much and I'm just so energized and I've always been in the background in kind of not broken actually the first conference have spoken out loud it ever bothers you wouldn't believe it but it did change my life changed my life and I've become I don't know mama polar bear for not just sickle cell disease.

I am my story fourth generation of mothers I was the first generation that the family thought would avoid but due to some you know science wasn't always perfect so I have this beautiful daughter has to disease and I always even if you know I told my mom which she was so upset she was carrying the generations before I became the person who carried the generations and she was just you know I'm so sorry and I said it's Donna get fixed it's going to get fixed and when I came hereto the conference in San Diego I was like oh yes it's going to get fixed and I know it is part of me was to relieve that Miami wait right but as a mommy you're always worrying so I'd been worrying about ok so you go fix it once you fix it then how long is it Donna takes for people to get it and how much is it Donna cost for that to happen for going to the budget kind of thing and what are we doing and I heard in three of the sessions today day that that did come up and say I want to say yes when we talk about the future what happens here really for me.

I think is a guarantee for the future so we'll see you next year and his lovely wife I've named her she is the first lady of stand-up show thank you know you found your voices I just want you to know that anyone else have any comments open forum yet neither Bernie thank you gave me a voice a long time ago when I didn't think that was possible and judge I've been coming to the summit for I don't know how long now and I think since 2008 when the eyes stalked wise young because he talked about me on his blog and I wasn't too far from Madison Wisconsin.

I said i m Donna go and find this guy and I but I had to get in and then I realized how much it was and I made some phone calls and ended up talking to Allen said all I know who you are and allowed me to come and from there was I'm from the cord blood world an imam advocate and so there was no information nothing was going on there about cord blood was all about spinal cord injury and embryonic stem cell research which I supported greatly but there was nothing going on the back so I just started trolling the halls and talking to anybody that would listen and I kept doing it and kept doing it now we have these wonderful sections my son's doctor Kurt bird comes in and speaks.

We've got a lot of expansion as far as what people are talking about their interaction with each other's from different areas of science so I want to say thank you for supporting me all these years and giving me a voice your what your welcome area and you know it's not about a single type of cell you want we're betting on the whole field to come through because we don't we don't know what we don't know right and we're here to collect opportunities for the community and share opportunities Jan Allen I'm not sure we think Alan enough amazing conference is a scientist I've been going to conferences for about 25years now and this is just so wonderful.

is for me it is so unique and inspirational due to the presence of the patient advocates and that really railed out the whole experience in makes this so different so inspirational in as we leave here I will already be looking forward to next year let me call up my colleague Alan Hernandez now because we're you have a comment yeah please fill up my name is Daniel Medina and I'm a patient advocate for any disease and I just want to say there this is my first met and bringing all these people together from different aspects of the stand so world has really made this a wonderful experience and I could tell you that all of us that have we fight for diseases.

We do every day and come in here has really re-energized my view views when it comes to stem cells and I could tell you that when we go back to our respective places will be re-energized and will be well we will fight it will fight even harder so thank you I'm just waiting hoping to be last you are so I think everyone but one of these you had done in Detroit months and I said no way but you know what I like about this you know I can go to scientific conferences every month and probably more than that but this meeting is not about just science although people are very articulate about science it's teaching other people and learning from them about their viewpoints of the work that we're doing that so valuable.

do wanna thank you're probably right now again aren't you part of the family well it's a lot of fun it really is it energizes me so to close out this really don't know it says beautiful thank you for all of your remarks thank you for coming from around the world335 some countries is one of my colleagues happens sort of the last word although I really what happened last word ideas as you know I work with our flight nine years doing this and I had a lot of people I've worked with associates in the lawyers and business people in my long unusual career I've never found two more loyal passionate persons in Allen Hernandez who puts up with so much I put up with a lot but it's all worth that it's all right now.

I'm pleased just taking nothing planned but I assure you we both care a whole hell of a lot about this community and I see it as my purpose in life to advance the field of medicine and alleviate human suffering from chronic disease and I know we're only just beginning I'm highly unsatisfying more you know and I won't be satisfied until I can go on the street and engage with people outside this room and have them know a little bit more about what we're doing I can guarantee you and my nine years eight or nine out of 10 people engage still think we're finding embryonic stem cell research and until I can go out and meet eight or nine out of 10 people and have them know that self therapies available in improving the life patients and families and communities and states.

The country and other countries we have such a huge opportunity and we haven't yet cracked the right code to get supported by the public we haven't yet crack the code to have the corporate community advocating and the way that required we haven't cracked the code yet have the academic community to have been paid in the way that require and we feel that the patient organizations and communities and the patients are advocating enough fun for us for the field but it's actually the collective unity of all the stakeholders stable communities moving together as one voice and if you think of the Arc de Triumphs in Paris the 16thstreets that come into the arc and until we can go on one street together towards the arc we're Donna have delay and bringing forward the kind of results that we want for as many people as we want so there's sixteen streets.

I choose to fight because that's just one and then walk towards the one common goal so I can't complain now from my own personal experience the importance of engaging others in the discussion of stem cells it's our opportunity to talk to cab drivers homeless waiters waitresses bartenders airlines stewards right person sitting next to you on the plane I could go on and on and on of this wonderful opportunity to the pan over time to engage with people that don't know what we do but they sure as hell think it's cool but I wanted just accept my deep appreciation for Bernie you never bore I appreciate him he has my back I have his back we work in tandem you might be surprised to know.

I saw burning only twice physically this year once in January and SanFrancisco another time in July in Sweden and we still able to coordinate and get things accomplished and it's a small organization but now we're regenerative medicine foundation and we've taken on this mission to a whole new level sure you personally every day because this is an energetic blast so moving forward will continue uniting the community much better than we had and I do want include as you might know I love music and I love art and I see this project.

We're working on more of the Renaissance project interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary so reach out get more people to follow you next year try to bring at least one or two other people to the summit next year haven't been to the summit in every speaker did that if he sponsored and that would be amazing how quick this event and the community would expand and unite this is the Gatorade this is the Gatorade ok as powerful Gatorade so add the water okay and then the symphony that we still care about what sound much more in tune one wrong gauge in a more concerted purposeful way for next year December 6 to the eight West Palm Beach Florida right outside of Miami e there be there we'll all be there to get together again I declare the 11th annual world stem cell summit adjourned.

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