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WSCS 2015: Poster Winners Announcement & Special Presentation

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WSCS 2015: Poster Winners Announcement & Special Presentation

2015 World Stem Cell Summit Poster Winners. special Presentation: Stem Cells Translational Medicine Young Investigator Awards: Kamil Kranc, Md, Phd, University Of Edinburgh And Dustin R. Wakeman, Phd, Rush University Medical Center.

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Well the summit is on its third day you know and it's too late to turn back sowe have to keep keep pressing. I want to thank you and welcome everyone to the third day Saturday the 11th annual world stem cell summit regiment capital .conference my name is you know is Bernie Siegel and the executive director of thejacks policy institute and regenerative medicine foundation which is the producer of the event this morning we really have a Super Saturday for you andall of those are in the room that are planning to take off around lunch timeand want you to change your flights and stay to the end because someone has gonetoo many meetings and that worked. I was fine though is that stated the very very very and sometimes get the best content. The best contacts and best informationso this is a very important preliminary US session to our meeting because we are going to be recognizing those poster presenters at have produced absolutely outstanding posters this year and I am so grateful to our poster judges Julie Alexand Mary Pat moyer too cautious side of the serbs thank you Paul Hendrick roomtremendo and others that facilitated looking at these posters and understanding and interacting with the presenters so this year we're going to recognize the the top three posters and they will be presented by dr. Alex in with a new publication stem cells and regenerative medicine science regulation of business strategies published by wiley-blackwell edited by among othersalong for tests who's in the in the room today I was very honored toco-authoring chapter with our colleague Alan giacomo of Sidley Austin who chairs are poster session every year but unfortunately had a sad loss and his family could not join us and sends his warmest regards so we we wrote a chapter related to the impact of patient advocacy movement on moving regenerative medicine for now I am a non-academic my background is laws you know and I have written many legal briefs but this was the toughest thing I have ever done is try to write a book chapter in but I am very proud to be part of this book and I think line for allowing that just before you start and when it let you know a little bit about this about this day so nine o clock we are very pleased to welcome dr. Jan dole to UC Davis will provide some keynote remarks to startour day and move on to another keynote address from one of our wonderful speakers from Japan to help give us further insight and the global community also the regiment capital conference is going to be staging at nine a special stashes dare to be great how lab scientists can successfully commercialize their research and that's going to be a round table discussion with Connie Terrell of the credit forum Dr Chris Mason University College of London inside Griffey stamp biases and that's gonna be a terrific session also just a couple of program notes that are 10 to 11 reg Med sessionthe business of selling cells and regenerative medicine products we have added a suit Tosh Yagnik are a capital to that calmto that panel and Bob hutchins the CEO of stem biases also cause hero who isthe president CEO of cellular dynamics international who joined that panel that's going to be a fascinating and you this meeting as you know is anembarrassment of riches and content also for clarification the companies presenting on the reg Med capital conference at 11:30 to 12:30 are Fuji film longevity on bio Leonhardt miles stem and Celeron because the speakers that don't necessarily have the company affiliation as post on your agenda so they are very fine companies if you want to learn about them as aninvestor you just learn about these technologies that's a good place we are also very honored to have a track he knows so from 12 11:30 to 12:30 we are gonna have a hard time deciding what to attend but we are very honored to havedr. Michael West who is the founder of leading cell therapy companies geron Advanced Cell Technology and of course by a time and author of immortal cell atrue visionary in the field will be speaking or track keno in the Regency Ball room combined discovery and hot topics subject we have some great panels lunch counters visionary lunch panels and I hope you will stay in the room stayin the building and attend one of these sessions so finally. we close with a townhall meeting which everyone is welcome too and then you can all watch mecollapse in exhaustion. I want to introduce our friend dr. Julie Alex and Wake Forest Institute of regenerative medicine who played a critical role inorganizing this conference and putting together the FDA panel with dr. Califand doctor whitten and it is a good friend and volunteer for regenerative medicine morning early so we had a great poster sessions here we had a record number ofabstracts a hundred and three so it's very exciting and very challenging Ithink for all the judges to look through all the submissions but they were judgedon a lot of different criteria you know looking at innovation and how it appliesin regards to translation and medicine and science and didn't communicate clearly so there are a lot of different aspects that we looked at at the postersand so I will just ask them to put up the slides please and we have two honorable mentions to start with Laura sent him to get my phone it's really hard challenge when you see so many great posters and there's a lot of work on unmet clinical needs and and translation andso it was pretty challenging to to determine who is the best one so therewere a lot of shame that we could not have more winners but grabbed my phonein the meantime you get it startedok so honorable mention goes to buy a fabrication 3d skeletal muscle tissue for structural and functional recovery Jehu on cam was a postdoc at Wake Forest this was a a so as you know some of the challenges with tissue engineering is really to produce and mimic the tissue architecture and innervate the tissues and so this this abstract really looked at all of those pieces and they wereable to look at it in an in vivo models so let's give a big round of applause for abstract if the authors are here can you please stand up for second honorable mention as human olfactory bulb neural stem cell-based therapy for CNS dramaticand neurode generative diseases handy Mora is professor of project manager of Biomedical Research Center Qatar University and this is really it was welook at neurodegenerative diseases there's a lot of challenges and really looking at using a unique cell type to be able to do that and looked at several in vitro studies so was really nice nice poster presentation so if the authorsare here if you could please stand uphere are eight so are we ran to the poster winners there's three today andthe first one is conditioning of injury site using nano particles delivered neuro protective agents for agenda therapy for stroke and we all know with stroke there's really only one fda-approved treatment currently TPA which is very challenging and this method of being able to get through the blood brain barrier and treat using nano particles was really unique andinnovative so we did like to welcome Anil Kumar postdoc research and co-author Sean to dart to the STU the stage of their here they hear they didn't get up for coffee but let's give a round of applause and maybe the planar next one ok so the next winner is 3d by a printed by a mask for facial skin reached reconstruction and the author is Jung hoon see which is a post doctoral research Wake Forest Research Fellow from Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine along with all of the other colleagues and this is reallya unique way of 3d printing looking at being able to for facial injuries a lotof the Wounded Warrior this this research comes out of Wounded Warriorand we know that when there's traumatic injuries to the face it's really quite devastating and so we think that this you know is definitely looking at anunmet clinical needs so we did like to congratulate the authors and if they could come up to the stage here ok they are both later on a steal it and then the third winner is rescuing the regenerative capacity of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells from the elderly and this was theauthors Travis Jackson this is really unique abstract as they were looking atso we all know what the targets therapy there's always concernturns using from older people that that its challenged and we see that thosecell types sometimes proliferate much differently and so it's interesting thatthey were able to select a younger population and and then expand andproduced that sounds to potentially be able to be used so it was innovative and creative and so we did like to welcome Travis Jackson up to the stage in theco-authors if they are here no ok I am taking the books ok so thank you so much people always have to have confidence that they are going to win and and andand and be here this is great thank you all for participating in the post-recession thanks to all of our judges so I am going to call up to thepodium for another round of special recognition and Murphy who was of coursethe publisher of stem cells Translational Medicine and we arehonored with our education award at the stem cell action dinner so and lease please come up thank you let's give a round of applause because she is so wellknown and still will admired its and directs the stem cell program at UCDavis she's also responsible for that wonderful Institute of regenerative cures and for the gym P facility and she has so many ongoing trials and it's apleasure for us to honor and recognize her as our editor-in-chief of stem cell sit's really wonderful amazing to work with you and we have a wonderful teamhere hope this publish these amazing journals so I have the distinct honor of introducing themselves and stem cells Translational Medicine Young Investigator award winners so the stem cells Young Investigator award honors ayoung scientists who is principal author of a significant research paper published in stem cells stem cells editors support the efforts of these emerging researchers and encourage the development of these young investigators who are making significant impacts in this field thus fostering the future oftheir clinical applications this year's investigator award winner as dr. Kamelrent first author and the exciting manuscript acute must decided to impose990 expression and decreases self-renewal mouse embryonic stem cellswhich was published in the March 2015 issues stem cellsreports that cited too is a key regulator of murine embryonic stem cellsurvival and self-renewal crowds heads the hematocrit extensive laboratory atthe MRC centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh his teamhad already published a review on the role of cited to in normal and leukemicstem cells in 2014also in our journal stem cells so in 2015 working with the team includingsenior investigator professor from the Universidad del there in 40 per to goafter crowds has elegantly demonstrated that this translation of transcriptionalregulator is also important in embryonic stem cell biology very importantcumulatively has shown that cited too is a master regulator of adult andembryonic stem cell fate and we congratulate you come to the stage foryourfor translational research article published instances TranslationalMedicine and are the journal's editorial board jury selection that his article isjudges having the most impact pushing the boundaries of novel and insightfulresearch the third annual themselves Translational Medicine young investigate investigator award is presented to distant are Wakeman PhD for his study demonstrating an important step in evaluating cell types and methods that will be most effective for stem cell therapies in Parkinson's disease Dr Weightman his first off their human neural stem cells survive long-term inthe midbrain dopamine depleted my keys after GDNF expression and projectorlight toward an appropriate target very important at Rush University MedicalCenter has assembled a team of experts who have dedicated their careers tocellular transplantation in Parkinson's disease neural tissue engineering is acomplex feet in this excellent study suggests that transplantation of stemcells specifically instructed ex vivo teal dopamine neurons could lead toreconstitutionreconstruction sorry of some portion of the tiger striatal pathway and providebeneficial provide benefit to the parkinsonian condition so wecongratulate youDr Weightmanwords for me we are doing the best thank you for all of your winner's the young scientists especially that participate in this is a wonderful thing there are there nowgonna be to plenary talks for the world stem cell summit in this room immediately following doctrine Altis talk we are proud to present and all introduced doctor continued kiko Suzuki representing the great industry coalition Japan the form for innovative regenerative medicine so we are certainly looking forward to dr. Suzuki's presentation are French and Alta needs no introduction really because Jan is a stall work in the field and not onlyissue brilliant scientists and advocates in the Hunting ton's disease community at UC Davis where she leads their program in regenerative medicine and stem cellsbut she is really very inspiring human being inspiring young scientists inspiring advocates so we were discussing abouther role in the summit and I love the title that she came up with TeamTraining inspiring scientists and advocates into action is at its corethis meeting is founded by patient advocates has science course it has industry in regulation and innovation tools devices and all of these things that you see at this meeting but little what is unusual about the meeting is it really is driven by the generalpopulation that supports this these innovative technologies such an realizes that has agreed to share some of your wisdom with us today and her key note address so Jana welcome to the program.

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